The Legend of Nomar the Clutch

#1 on the Burlington Times Union Bestseller List

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Friday, December 20, 2007 (Burlington, MA):

The definitive book on Nomie has finally arrived ! This book tells the story of the Aces’ miraculous comeback win on August 16, 2007 versus the Nomads. It's a must-read for all Nomie fans.

The Legend of Nomar the Clutch available for on-line viewing and is available in full-color paperback.

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Book Reviews

—Ken Pondelli, Fun League Umpire

A fair view on a very controversial game.
—Bob Goober, Coach of the Nomads

An inspiration to all serious ballplayers. This will be required reading for all Hackers before the 2008 season.
—Red Culver, Coach of the Hackers

No wonder we can't beat these guys.
—Danny Avila and Orlando "Nick" Nicolai, Coaches of the Misfits

Now the secret is out on the Aces’ success!
—Art Parmet, Coaches of the Aces

Finally, a sports book with real teeth in it!
—Dr. Gary Feldman, Coach of the Steamrollers
& Official Dentist of the Fun League

Inspiring! The termites in my wooden bat loved it.
—Steve Morganelli, Coach of the Bombers

Informative...nice photos...short.
—Matty, Outfielder on the Aces

When I got the package in the mail, I was devastated at first because I thought the package was beer that I had ordered from Pabst Blue Ribbon, Inc. But after drying my tears, I started reading the book and LOVED it.
—Jonathon Breslin, Outfielder on the Aces

My backseat is drafty.
—Yem, Outfielder on the Aces

To be perfectly frank, I found this to be without question the single best nonfiction book I have ever read. A brilliant work that raises the bar for sports journalism in America.
—Peter Gammons,